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Our Story

The 406 Roasting Company is a local, family-owned coffee roasting company founded in Havre, Montana by Darrel and Natalie Hannum with the goal to offer unique, artisan whole bean coffee to customers.

Natalie has always been passionate about coffee. She has always enjoyed her coffee black and her espresso the same or in an Americano. After she spent many years raising her kids and being a childcare provider she knew she needed a change. A local coffee shop was for sale and after much discussion and work, Darrel and Natalie decided to purchase the shop.

Darrel and Natalie bought The Coffee Hound not knowing it would spark a love and 


and passion for the coffee industry as a whole. Shortly after purchasing the shop they knew they needed to get more involved in the industry. They wanted to roast their own coffee and learn as much about the process as
they could. They participated in a course to be certified in roasting coffee and shortly after purchased
all of the equipment necessary to roast their own coffee. 406 Roasting Company was born and we have
expanded our offerings and business model to create a more enjoyable experience for our customers.

Our beans are carefully selected, sample-roasted, and tested by us. They are single-origin sourced directly from the highest quality farms. We work one on one with our importer’s learning about the farms and batches of beans we are choosing to offer. All of our beans are direct trade and many of the farmers are key supporters in their local economies. We personally sample every coffee we buy,
sampling them and roasting to their fullest potential to bring out the character and uniqueness of each coffee.


Once we identify and purchase the coffee we then go through a series of roasting and sampling each coffee at different roast levels to ensure we are doing our best to showcase the uniqueness of that individual coffee. We are always looking to purchase and roast the best coffee we can. We are passionate about coffee and work hard to bring a high-quality product to our customers.

The same care and preparation we put in our coffee extends to all of our products including other drinks, baked goods, food, chocolate, candy, and other offerings.

Together with our children, we focus on running our company, and cafes, creating an experience for customers to love and enjoy coffee and all of the other things we offer.

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